Pulpit rock View of the architectural model's painted ceiling, altar side.

Michael Biberstein actively worked on this project until he passed way. There are many notes, sketches, drawings and watercolor renderings, supporting with detail the overall layout of the work ahead. He had a sample of the ceiling analyzed to determine what type of acrylic paint would be most appropriate. Because of the importance of this Church's restoration project, Mike concluded that professional restorers would be assisting him throughout the process and had already chosen a couple.

As most of you may know, Mike was to do this work pro bono, just receiving a per diem to cover basic expenses. Most of the funding that was budgeted to be raised, was primarily to pay for the assistants, paint and materials.
After Mike's sudden death, all involved in the project - the Pastor, architects, engineers, technicians, restorers and sponsors - met and unanimously agreed that the ceiling was to be completed following the original painting of the church's architectural model.
The sad reality of Mike's death has triggered a need to reassess and readjust the original project. A larger team of technicians and experts will be needed to manage, advise, direct and supervise the work. As a result, the overall budget will need to be increased to allow the completion of what Mike came to call “my ceiling” and his friends and admirers called “Mike’s ceiling”.

Pulpit rock
Current view of the Church altar.